Major Exporter Improvements

PlayUp Alpha ver is now available with some especially nice fixes to the Unity3D and CryENGINE exporters. Unity users are required to install the new PlayUp package for Unity for this update to function properly. Some of these fixes include:
  • Meshes are now coming in at the correct scale in Unity
    (1 meter in SketchUp = 1 unit in the engine)
  • Meshes that are not imported as a level are no longer coming into Unity at a 90 degree rotation when you pull them from the Project window
  • Mirrored and rotated meshes, whether nested or not, are now coming in at the correct rotations and scales when exported as a level to Unity or CryENGINE
Both CryENGINE and Unity3D exporters now have a new global merge option available in the preferences that allows you to choose between exporting every component/group as it's own mesh, or collapsing all nested meshes into the top level component or group.

For example, if you have a component of a dining room table but you would like the chairs and table to be separate entities in your game engine, you could select "All nested meshes export as individual meshes" in the preferences window and export as a level.

And finally, there is now a way to check from within SketchUp to see if you have the latest version of PlayUp. Simple go to Plugins > PlayUp > Check for Updates.