Major Fix to Unity3D Exporter

PlayUp Tools version is now available. Unity3D users will be happy to note that this version fixes a major bug with incorrectly assigned normals on nested components and groups.

Figure 1. Fixed incorrectly assigned normals where Y and Z axes were swapped.

Figure 2. Before the fix, nested components and groups had nearly
the same normal values applied to the entire nested geometry.

Figure 3. What the same geometry looks like after the fix.

This should mark the end of weirdly lighted objects.

Also, LoDs are now loosely supported for Unity3D. PlayUp will export the geometry for the LoDs assigned to a given high resolution model, but it does not automatically include it in your scene as the LoD functionality is only available to Unity Pro users.

Additionally, the vertices counter has been tweaked to work properly with nested geometry.