SketchUp 2014 Build

Version of PlayUp Tools supports SketchUp 2014 and can now be installed through the Extension Warehouse, however, if you are not using SketchUp 2014 there is no reason to upgrade just yet as this build is purely a port of the current functionality.  In fact, we had to make some minor sacrifices for SketchUp 2014 due to limitations with the latest version of SketchUp:

1. You can no longer browse directory folders in the PlayUp Preferences menu.
2. You must now install another 3rd party tool called ImageMagick to convert textures. 

Technical Explanation: SketchUp 2014 now uses Ruby 2.0, and Ruby 2.0 no longer allows us to load DLL files.  In previous versions, PlayUp Tools uses DLL files to convert textures as well as run an interface framework called wxSU that allows the ability to browse folders on a computer. 

On the bright side, now that we've been forced to remove all of the DLL files, it makes this version eligible for inclusion on the SketchUp Extension Warehouse and no longer requires an installer.  Simply download the .RBZ file (either from the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or the PlayUp Tools download page) and following the installation instructions here.

UPDATE: Fixed a major crash bug with where PlayUp was looking for a registry entry that had been depreciated. Please read the release notes for up-to-date information on this latest build. ImageMagick is currently required for Unity and CryEngine users.

UPDATE: Fixed a CryENGINE level export error due to a syntax requirement with Ruby 2.0. This build is confirmed to work with CryENGINE 3.5.8 (and its accompanying RC.EXE).