PlayUp Goes Free

We're excited to announce that we've decided to make PlayUp Tools available for free. Also would like to give a big thanks to everyone who did support us in the past--you made this possible.

PlayUp for UE 4.17 Coming Soon

No new changes were required between the 4.16 version of the plugin and 4.17, so we anticipate that the submission process will go pretty fast.  One thing to note that is different in 4.17 is the location of the Combine Meshes checkbox:

PlayUp for UE 4.15 Coming Soon

Changes to the PlayUp Tools Importer for Unreal Engine have been submitted to make it compatible with UE 4.15 and are awaiting approval. When the plugin becomes available for UE 4.15, please note that you will need to ensure the following flag for Combine Meshes is checked for the level import process to work properly.