First Pass at CryENGINE 3 Level Export Process

PlayUp Alpha ver is now available in the Downloads section. This build contains a first pass at level export functionality for CryENGINE 3 users. Now you can export a level file as a layer and import it into CryENGINE 3 by going to the Layers tab and clicking on the Import Layer icon. That said, rotations & mirroring for the top level components/groups are not yet working correctly in the level export process, and they may export a bit strangely if you rotate/mirror them. Nested components/groups are not affected by this issue.

Also worth noting:

- Collisions are now enabled by default.
- If you forget to name a group before exporting, PlayUp will name it for you.
- The material path problems that I missed in the last build are fixed.
- Warnings should appear if you try to export a single model over the vertices limit. (This is not yet working properly for the level exporter.)