New PlayUp Version Available with CryENGINE Fixes

PlayUp Alpha ver. is now available in the Download section. Don't be fooled by the small increment in the version number. This new version is important for CryENGINE users. Essentially it fixes a lot of the problems people have been having with the materials showing up. Now, whether you're in SB2, SB3 or the CE3 Standalone SDK, your material paths in the MTL files will be pointing to the right place. You should no longer have to reassign materials in the Material Editor. Also, if you apply SketchUp colors instead of textures, it will no longer look so washed out in CE3.

A couple of additional notes:

1. Re-arranging Materials: It's come to my attention that if you have the Material Editor in CE3 open while you are exporting from SketchUp, the materials may end up mapping to the wrong parts of the entity. I will work on fixing this, but in the meantime, please do not look at the materials in the Material Editor that are related to the materials of the object you exporting while you are exporting them.

2. Dwindling Sandbox 2 Support: I upgraded to a new machine recently, and had to dig around for the old Mod SDK for SB2 that works with PlayUp. All I found were broken links and dead ends. Additionally, the last Mod SDK for Crysis that they had posted was riddled with texturing issues. So today I had to step back and ask myself whether it was worth continuing to support an engine that is obviously getting phased out. If you have an opinion, please visit the PlayUp Facebook page and answer the poll question or leave a note.

EDIT: Since someone asked to clarify what was going on with the colors in CE3, here is the explanation...

The RGB value 255, 128, 128 would normally map to 1, 0.5, 0.5. In CE3 however, it was mapping to 1, 0.21951973, 0.21951973 which was causing the diffuse colors to come in looking desaturated and washed out. They are mapping the RGB values to a curve instead of a line, so in the new version, PlayUp is now passing those RGB values through a new function so that the diffuse values show up correctly in the Material Editor. I'm not entirely sure why they did this, but there it is. :)