PART II: Golden Rules of SketchUp

 Golden Rules Of SketchUp
ladies and gentlemen, attention please
Author: bac9-flcl


1. Google SketchUp learning curve is extremely easy.

2. Lots of SketchUp users started modeling straight away, prior to learning about any optimization techniques, general modeling rules, and so on (which is generally not a bad thing unless it involves someone else trying to use the resulting models). Which brings us to the following:

3. Google 3D Warehouse is not your prop library.

4. Most of Google 3D Warehouse models are not properly optimized, textured and structured, and are literally far beyond rescue to suit any game engine.

5. Default collection is not your material library, never use these low-res JPEG images.

6. If you need something (from a cardboard box prop to a skyscraper), it's always easier and usually faster to create it yourself. Sometimes so fast that you'll get lazy to give a task to 3D modelers from your team, - as you can already create the required object in the time required to formulate the description itself.

7. SketchUp is a modeling package, just like the others, and all the general rules of 3D modeling are still applied there. You must keep an eye on surface orientation, you must optimize your model, keep neatly organized component hierarchy, etc. The program won't magically solve all these issues for you.

8. Always use tool snapping (axis-based, point-based, midpoint-based, parallel/perpendicular-based, and so on), it is extremely well made and is the one of the most important features of SU that is allowing you to work solely in the 3D viewport while producing clean and straight models.

9. Always type values manually while working with the tools to keep your geometry proportional, regular, and clean.

10. Always use components instead of groups.

11. Take your time to study at least the basic concept and tool tutorials here.

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